Over two decades ago the Oxford Round Table held its first meeting in New Inn Lane at St. Peter's College in the University of Oxford to consider public policy issues bearing on education in the United States, the United Kingdom, and other selected countries.

Over the years, Round Tables have been located at several colleges including St Peter's, St. Anne's, St. Anthony's, Lady Margaret Hall, Pembroke, Lincoln College and Somerville.  Formal academic sessions are normally held in locations such as the debating chamber of the Oxford Union Debating Society, the Rhodes House, home of the Rhodes Scholars, the Examination Schools, and/or at Talbot Hall in Lady Margaret Hall College. 

Our staff wants to ensure that attendees are satisfied with the sessions, with the subjects presented at the various sessions and with pre-conference arrangements and communications.  We have found that the best way to get feedback from the Round Table sessions is through our Evaluations, which are filled out by many of the attendees.

On this site, you will find several comments that have come back to our staff.  We appreciate the information we receive from the Oxford Round Table Evaluations and will strive to use this information to continually improve on all aspects of our program!


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