Frequently Asked Questions
Why did I receive an invitation to the Oxford Round Table?

Invitations are sent to selected persons throughout the world. These individuals are identified through several screening processes: by nomination of previous participants in the Round Table; from recommendations to the Round Table advisors who, also, are actively involved in higher education and public school leadership; published articles and research interest of professors; from recognized presentations and awards of state and national organizations; and by invitations to individuals in successful universities, organizations or school districts. The foundation of the success of the Round Table is the assurance that this learning community will be composed of an interdisciplinary group of academics and educational leaders.

Who nominated me?

We do not track the nominating alumni. We receive numerous nominations during the year for each of our sessions. Although I am unable to answer this question directly, I can assure you that you will find your experience in Oxford very rewarding to both your professional and personal life.

Where is the Oxford Round Table held?

This Round Table is to be held at Harris Manchester College in the University of Oxford. As you may know, the University of Oxford is a confederation of thirty-eight (38) colleges of which Harris Manchester College is one. The colleges, themselves, are not degree granting or programmatic units of the University.  The University is an academic umbrella over all the colleges. The Round Table is, thus, not an academic programme conducted by the umbrella University. Harris Manchester College is the venue, the situs, location of the Round Table. The colleges, themselves, in their private corporate capacity, traditionally host an array of academic conferences assisted by Conference Oxford.  The Round Table is one such conference. Harris Manchester College was selected as the location for the meeting because of its reputation, its location in the heart of Oxford, and because of its congenial working relationship with the members of the Oxford Round Table Programme Committee and Advisory Board.

How many delegates do you accept?

We accept 35-40 delegates to attend the Oxford Round Table. After we reach our maximum, we begin a waiting list of delegates.

Which airport should I fly in to?

There are two major airports in London. Heathrow airport is the closest to Oxford. It is approximately 1 hour by bus. Gatwick is a smaller airport and is approximately 2 hours by bus.

How do I get from the airport to Oxford?

We send out specific instructions in this regard, along with bus schedules. The bus is the best way to travel to Oxford from the airport. If you take the train, you will have to change trains midway through your journey. The coach schedule can be found at:

Can I arrive early or stay late?

We are unable to offer lodging before the Oxford Round Table. However, we do have a list of hotel suggestions in Oxford which include:

Hotel Recommendations for the OxfordRound Table
Old Bank Hotel

Eastgate Hotel

The Randolph Hotel

The Bath Place Hotel

The Tower House Hotel:

Malmaison (my personal favorite)

Old Parsonage:

Cotswold Lodge:

Victoria House

The Royal Oxford

Green Gables Guest House



Gatwick Airport

Hotels at Gatwick Airport
Le Meridien Hotel in Gatwick Airport

All hotels near Gatwick Airport

Heathrow Airport

Hotels at Heathrow Airport
Hilton London Heathrow

Sofitel London Heathrow Airport

All hotels near Heathrow Airport

What should I wear during the Round Tables?

The dress during the Round Table is business casual. What you would wear to the office would be appropriate. The closing dinner is more dressy with the men wearing suits and ties and the ladies wearing nice dresses or pant suits. We do a lot of walking in Oxford so remember to bring comfortable shoes.

What are the accommodations like?

The accommodations are dormitory rooms on campus. This gives our delegates a real 'feel' of Oxford University during their stay. All rooms have wash bins in them. A few of the rooms have their own private bathroom and are allocated according to the order in which we receive your deposit.

Do participants present papers?

We ask our delegates to submit abstracts related to the topic of the invitation. The abstracts are reviewed by our Programme Committee for presentation. You will hear within a week if your abstract has been selected. Your attendance in the Oxford Round Table is not contingent upon presenting an abstract. You are welcome to prepare a paper for possible publication even if you are not presenting.

How long should the paper be?

The paper length can vary from 10 pages to 30 pages. It is quality that is important, not quantity. You can find more detailed information on the paper at:

Will there be funding support or scholarships available?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer any type of funding support or scholarships to attend the Oxford Round Table. The cost is generally incurred by the invitee's institution or organization. I apologize for this and hope you will still be able to join us.

Are delegates expected to prepare for the Round Table in advance in any way?

Our delegates that are not presenting are generally on a panel. The panel will respond to the presentation with comments. If the presenter has prepared a paper, the panel members will receive a copy of the paper before the Round Table.

What time will the Round Table begin and end?

We begin on Sunday evening with reception and dinner around 6:30 pm. We will conclude on Thursday after breakfast.

What if I want to bring my family?

The dormitory rooms at Oxford are allocated depending upon the order in which we receive your deposit. Once we receive your deposit, it is forwarded to the College to hold a room for you. Naturally, the most appealing rooms are allocated first. If you plan to bring your family (more than one person) you may wish to stay off campus in a nearby hotel (see hotel list above).

Can I have a copy of the agenda for the Oxford Round Table?

We will have an agenda ready after all abstracts have been reviewed and selected for presentation. You are, however, not required to submit an abstract and are welcome to prepare a paper for possible publication even if you are not presenting.

\What happens after I send in my response form?

Once I have received your response form, I will send you a packet of information that will include travel information booklet, a copy of our program from last year, an abstract submission form (if you are interested in making a presentation) and an invoice.

Do you have any special arrangements for airline fares?

We do not have any special arrangements for airline fares. Everyone does this individually. Most people fly into Heathrow Airport (LHR) which is about an hour from Oxford via coach (bus).

Can I have a list of participants?

We will have a list of the other participants for your session prepared after our final response date. I will be happy to forward a list at that time. I am currently unable to do so until I have a completed list of participants.


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